10 Best Chewing Gums in India to Keep Your Mouth Fresh

Do you remember your childhood gem – chewing gum? Well, the majority of answers would be ‘yes’. Chewing gum is a type of flavoured candy that we all are familiar with. Today, there are various tastes and exquisite flavours of chewing gums available that are, no wonder, loved by millions of children and youngsters. If you too are trying to narrow down the options but are confused about which one to go for, here we have some great suggestions for you. We have enlisted the 10 best chewing gums in India that are perfect to keep your mouth and breath fresh. 

Our Top Picks :

How Do We Choose the Best Chewing Gums for You?

Everyone is fond of chewing gum. It is not only a good choice to keep your mouth busy but also a secret weapon to keep bad breath at bay. Also, it helps with health and oral hygiene. Before you move ahead with our selection of the best chewing gums in India, have a look at some of the factors that play a crucial role in picking the right product. 


There are multiple flavours of chewing gums available in the market like mint, strawberry, peppermint, mixed fruit, etc. While we have listed various options to choose from, you can make the selection as per your preferences. 


Packaging is another factor that you need to pay attention to. Chewing gums today are available in attractive, vibrant colour packaging in different sizes. You can find a single-piece packet or an entire box. According to your requirement, you can choose the packaging of the product.  

Contents Present in Chewing Gums

There are four different contents available in chewing gum, which you must be aware of before you indulge in this delicacy. 

Gum base: It is synthetic rubber in nature that is derived from latex sap called chicle. This base is widely used in making chewing gums and offering them the required texture. 

Softeners: This component retains the moisture of the chewing gum and prevents it from getting hard. Glycerin and vegetable oil are two of the widely used softeners that offer a soft consistency to the gum and make them appealing to customers. 

Sweeteners: There are different kinds of sweeteners that are used to add flavour to chewing gum. Commonly used sweeteners are corn syrup and sugar. However, there are a few artificial sweeteners that are being used like xylitol, sucralose, saccharin sodium, etc.

Flavours: This component is used to provide a long-lasting, reviving, and zingy taste to chewing gum. The flavours are added in the last and available in various kinds like strawberry, mint, etc.

Characteristics of Chewing Gum

Chewing gums not only differ in flavours, ingredients, and taste but also in qualities. Let’s have a look at some of the common characteristics of chewing gum:

Freshens the breath

In order to clean up your mouth and breath, chewing gum works best. ADA (American Dental Association) recommends chewing gums over mints for breath-refreshing. They work efficiently and do not impact health if consumed in the right quantity.

Helps battle cavities

Not all but sugar-free chewing gums help fight cavities. This is why chewing gum manufacturers these days are now using Xylitol to sweeten the gums. It helps to deter cavities and works wonders in fighting them. 

Hydrates the mouth

Shortage of saliva causes discomfort and leads to infections and cavities. However, chewing gum prevents the dearth of saliva in your mouth. It stimulates salivary glands that help to keep your dry mouth hydrated.

List of Top 10 Chewing Gums in India

Center Fresh Spearmint Chewing Gum

Center Fresh Spearmint Chewing Gum
Center Fresh Spearmint Chewing Gum

This is one of the most popular chewing gum brands in India that was launched in 1994. Its products are manufactured by Perfetti Van Melle and are hugely popular in the country. Over the years, Center Fresh has seen tremendous growth by offering quality products, using innovative advertisements, and following a low-price strategy.

Tagline: Zuban pe lagaam lagaye

Prominent Features of the Center Fresh Spearmint Chewing Gum: 

  • It is filled with liquid in the centre
  • Provides a fresh and cool breath
  • Available in spearmint and sweetmint flavours


  • Great flavour
  • Easily available
  • Affordable
  • Balanced taste

Why We Picked the Center Fresh Spearmint Chewing Gum?

Center Fresh chewing gum is a mint flavour gum that is highly sold in the Indian market. This chewing gum provides a dash of freshness and can be purchased easily both in the online and offline market.

Big Babol Rasa Stroberi & Krim Gum

Big Babol Rasa Stroberi & Krim Gum
Big Babol Rasa Stroberi & Krim Gum

Big Babol is one of the veteran chewing gum brands in India that was launched in 1994 by Perfetti Van Melle. It has been the children’s favourite for a long time and hence, it is one of the top choices in our list of the best chewing gums in India. The brand targets children and youngsters and accordingly, it offers products at a pocket-friendly price.

Tagline: Bade kaam ki cheez

Prominent Features of the Big Babol Rasa Stroberi & Krim Gum: 

  • These chewing gums are 100% vegetarian
  • Comes in different kinds of packaging
  • It has a chewy and soft texture


  • Nicely packed
  • Pleasant taste
  • Unique flavours
  • Economical

Why We Picked the Big Babol Rasa Stroberi & Krim Gum?

Available in unique, exciting flavours like fruit, strawberry, cola, and watermelon, this chewing gum is a childhood love for Indians. This chewy texture candy promotes dental health and ensures good oral hygiene if chewed in a limited quantity.

Wrigley’s Boomer Strawberry Bubble Gum

Wrigley’s Boomer Strawberry Bubble Gum
Wrigley’s Boomer Strawberry Bubble Gum

Boomer is another gum brand to which every child’s memories are attached. It is a popular brand that came into existence in 1995 through a Spanish giant. However, later it was acquired by Wrigley, which is the world’s largest chewing gum brand of all time. Especially the population that grew up in the late 1990s was fond of this brand and hence, it is one of the top brands in the country.

Tagline: Boom macha de

Prominent Features of the Wrigley’s Boomer Strawberry Bubble Gum: 

  • Comes in a fruity strawberry flavour
  • This chewing has a beautiful pink colour
  • It is a 100% vegetarian chewing gum


  • Easy to carry
  • Attractive packaging
  • Good quality
  • Great taste


  • Contains sugar

Why We Picked the Wrigley’s Boomer Strawberry Bubble Gum?

From the house of Wrigley’s Boomer, this strawberry chewing gum contains natural flavour and colour, which makes it safe to consume. Chewing this gum offers a long-lasting flavour that keeps your mouth fresh.

Trident Cinnamon Sugar-Free Gum

Trident Cinnamon Sugar-Free Gum
Trident Cinnamon Sugar-Free Gum

Launched in 1964, Trident is a brand that serves sugar-free chewing gum in a wide of flavours. It was introduced with the aim to offer customers a great taste that is also good for oral health. Unlike others, it contains saccharin instead of sugar and this makes it a great choice to chew and keep your mouth healthy and fresh.

Tagline: See what unfolds

Prominent Features of the Trident Cinnamon Sugar-Free Gum: 

  • Made with xylitol that freshens the breath
  • Comes in a pack of 14 pieces of chewing gum
  • It offers a burst of spicy flavour to the mouth


  • Great packaging
  • Vegetarian
  • Safe to chew
  • Protects teeth


  • Not so budget-friendly

Why We Picked the Trident Cinnamon Sugar-Free Gum?

Trident presents cinnamon flavour sugar-free gum that is a delicious way to fight cavities and eliminate bad breath. These are diabetic-friendly gums that are available in over 20 different flavours.

Wrigley’s Doublemint Chewy Mints

Wrigley's Doublemint Chewy Mints
Wrigley’s Doublemint Chewy Mints

Wrigley’s Doublemint Chewy Mints is another chewing gum that needs no introduction. It is one of the oldest and most famous brands that are available across 140 countries in the world. The gums by this brand take good care of bad breath and are enjoyed by people of all generations.

Tagline: Double your pleasure, double your fun

Prominent Features of the Wrigley’s Doublemint Chewy Mints: 

  • Comes in an easy-to-carry tube packaging
  • It offers a bust of fresh minty flavour
  • Made with the finest quality ingredients


  • Instant freshness
  • Convenient packaging
  • Easy availability
  • Strong flavour


  • Infused with sugar

Why We Picked the Wrigley’s Doublemint Chewy Mints?

Doublemint chewy mint is a pack of peppermint flavour gums that offers a long-lasting flavour. These gums have a thin, crispy outer shell that feels chewy and satisfying. Also, it comes packed in a convenient re-sealable bottle, which makes it easy to carry everywhere.

Orbit Raw Mango Flavour Chewing Gum

Orbit Raw Mango Flavour Chewing Gum
Orbit Raw Mango Flavour Chewing Gum

From the house of Wrigley, Orbit is another brand that offers sugar-free chewing gums in the country. It is a highly recognised brand that was launched in 2001 with an aim to deliver instant freshness and brighten the smile. The brand makes some unique flavours of gum that are perfect to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Tagline: Eat. Drink. Chew. Orbit

Prominent Features of the Orbit Raw Mango Flavour Chewing Gum: 

  • It has a crispy outer layer with soft, velvety gum inside
  • These gums are made with no added preservatives
  • Orbit chewing gums have a shelf life of 12 months


  • Different flavours
  • Nicely packed
  • Healthy teeth
  • Resealable tubes

Gud Gum Natural Chewing Gum

Gud Gum Natural Chewing Gum
Gud Gum Natural Chewing Gum

Next on the list of the best chewing gums in India, we have Gud Gum natural chewing gums that are made with no artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners. The brand offers plastic-free products that are vegan and safe to consume. Made with plant-based ingredients, these gums do not stick around the surroundings for thousands of years.

Prominent Features of the Gud Gum Natural Chewing Gum: 

  • It comes in biodegradable packaging that is safe for the environment
  • Chewing this gum offer your senses a blast of freshness
  • These chewing gums are available in four different flavours


  • 100% Natural
  • Kid-friendly
  • Sugar-free
  • Great taste


  • Expensive

Happydent White Mint Chewing Gum

Happydent White Mint Chewing Gum
Happydent White Mint Chewing Gum

Another Perfetti Van Melle brand, Happydent is a highly renowned chewing gum manufacturer that was launched back in 1970. However, it was re-established in March 2001 in Itlay. The gums by this brand are known for offering instant freshness in the mouth and various health benefits. They are made with Ayurvedic ingredients and hence, you can chew them without worrying about the side effects.

Tagline: Dikha battissi kar baat achhi si

Prominent Features of the Happydent White Mint Chewing Gum: 

  • It is a coated gum that brightens the teeth
  • These chewing gums endorse oral hygiene and prevent diseases
  • Filled with liquid, they offer a long-lasting taste


  • Smooth texture
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Great flavours
  • Offers cooling effect

Organic Nature Chewing Gum Balls

Organic Nature Chewing Gum Balls
Organic Nature Chewing Gum Balls

Organic Nature is one of the best chewing gum brands in India that offers quality products that are safe to consume. The chewing gums by this brand are sugar-coated gumballs that offer instant freshness and make you feel energised. All its products are made with high-quality ingredients and are chemical-free, making them safe to chew.

Prominent Features of the Organic Nature Chewing Gum Balls: 

  • Rich in protein, these gums are good for teeth
  • They offer a refreshing mint bubble gum flavour
  • Comes in reusable jar packaging


  • Quality assured
  • Vegan chewing gums
  • Vibrant colours
  • Perfect size gums


  • Expensive

Hubba Bubba Sour Blue Raspberry Bubble Tape

Hubba Bubba Sour Blue Raspberry Bubble Tape
Hubba Bubba Sour Blue Raspberry Bubble Tape

Hubba Bubba is a highly loved chewing gum brand that is a subsidiary of Mars. This brand offers a great range of chewing gums that are safe to use and fill the mouth with amazing flavour. While the brand was first introduced in 1979, it launched its sugar-free gums in 2009. Since then, it is known for serving some of the best sugar-free chewing gums in India.

Tagline: Big bubbles, no troubles

Prominent Features of the Hubba Bubba Sour Blue Raspberry Bubble Tape: 

  • Comes in a form of tape rolls with six feet of chewing gum
  • It has a big sour blue raspberry flavour that tastes appetizing
  • Have a nice chewy texture that is perfect for bubble blowing


  • Different flavours
  • Unique packaging
  • Vegetarian
  • Long-lasting

Final Words

Chewing gums are a popular choice for their different flavours and textures. They provide an excellent long-lasting taste, which makes them popular among grownups. In this blog, we have mentioned the 10 best chewing gums in India that will connect you with your precious memories and make you feel fresh all the time. While all these options are great to enjoy, we really love chewing Boomer, Trident, and Happydent. Do let us know your top pick from this list.


Which gum is best for chewing?

Chewing gums like Boomer Bub, Centre Fresh, Happydent, and Centre Fruit are the best options on the market.

Are chewing gums healthy?

While not all chewing gums are healthy, the ones with no sugar can be consumed but still in a limited quantity. Sugar gums cause cavities and other diseases. On the other hand, sugarless gums remove food debris and boost your saliva flow for teeth protection.

Is it OK to chew gum every day?

Having chewing gums on a regular basis is not recommended as it can cause excessive wear on the tooth enamel and even shift your bite alignment. However, moderate consumption is beneficial to your oral health.

How many hours a day should I chew gum?

Fifteen minutes is the maximum time you should chew gum. Excessive chewing may result in jaw muscle exhaustion and create problems with your jawbone health.

Does gum improve jawline?

Yes. Gum chewing helps stimulate muscle growth in the jaw, which helps in achieving a chiselled jawline.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

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