Girls with oily scalp: This will be your new best-friend!

Not that we’re big on saving water or anything – we’re just lazy people. Girls who have oily scalps and just do not want to go through the trouble of soaping up 3 times a week,

Okay it’s not exactly new (it’s been around since the 1960s) but it is just gaining popularity among women who like hassle-free hair hacks.

Why Do We Absolutely Love Dry Shampoo?

The real question is – Why wouldn’t you love a miracle product that makes your hair look squeaky clean when a single drop of shampoo hasn’t touched it in days?

Before we get into the details of why we love it, let’s talk about what it exactly is –

In ridiculously simplified terms, dry shampoo is a powder that is used to clean your hair without having to wash it. Elaborately put, it is a mixture of ingredients such as aluminium starch (or cornstarch), alcohol, silica and kaolin clay that absorbs dirt and oil from your hair, much like a sponge, giving it a clean, oil-free look.

So, what is it that makes this product the most adored invention ever?

#1 Pretty obvious, makes the hair look matte even when it’s nowhere near clean.

#2 Takes no more than two minutes to apply, if you use it right (explained below)

#3 Adds volume to limp hair.

#4 Lifesaver during hair emergencies (like a spur of the moment party)

#5 You can even use it on clean hair for a better texture and added body

Sounds good right? However, much like most good people, Dry Shampoo has always been misunderstood (cue angry ladies shouting about weighed down hair and white residue).

If you’ve got dry shampoo grudges too, you’re probably not doing it right. Yes, there’s a right way and a wrong way. Here goes:

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If you want it to spread evenly and not form white gunk in your hair –

dry shampooThis will evenly distribute the spray and let it work its magic

If white residue keeps you from spraying it on –

dry shampoo

While good quality dry shampoos won’t leave a residue at all, spraying underneath will hide it even if there happens to be some.

If you don’t really see a difference –dry shampoo

No, your dry shampoo isn’t useless. You need to massage it in so it can penetrate your hair and do its job.

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For the very best results –

dry shampooBrushing your hair after massaging it in will let your dry shampoo go deeper into your hair. Whatever you do, do not touch it. The natural oils in your fingertips will bring you back to square one – oily, messy hair!

If you don’t want to look like an oily-haired monster –

dry shampoo

Finally, the product is based on science, not magic. It is super useful to keep oiliness at bay between washes, but will be an utter failure if used instead of actual shampoo. As a rule, if you’re planning to use dry shampoo for the third time, it’s time to use actual shampoo.

With common misconceptions out of the way and correct ways of usage in mind, it’s time to say hello to your new best friend!

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Sunakshi Mehta
Sunakshi Mehta

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