How to Save Money on Clothes in India

Cloth is a basic need of humans, and it is part of our lifestyle. People spend a major part of their earnings on clothes and fashion. If you want to save money on clothes and cut down on fashion expenses, you need to take good care of the clothes you already have and make your purchases wisely. Clothes are usually an expensive hobby when bought frequently. If your hard-earned money is slipping through clothing spending and your wallet is feeling empty, here are some ways you can cut down on that spending and save money.

Follow These Tips to Save Money on Clothes

Make a list

Make a list (Image source: Freepik)

Make a list of apparel you need before shopping for clothes, just like you would for groceries. People without a list go to purchase socks and return with a set of garments. Unnecessary spending on clothes is an incorrect method of approaching it. Please make a list of what you need and adhere to it the next time you go shopping for clothes.

Wait for a major sale

Online shopping platforms like Myntra, AJIO, Zivame, SHEIN, Flipkart, and Amazon apart from offline retailers hold massive annual or semi-annual sales while offering the biggest yearly discounts. These often occur during the festive season or after the winter season. The worst time is to go before or immediately after major holidays. Always keep an eye on offseason sales. Subscribe to email promotions and never miss discount offers to save money on clothes.

Shop during the off-season

Buying seasonal clothes is very exciting, but it costs a lot of money. However, if you buy in anticipation of the upcoming season, you will have to pay the full retail price; whereas if you buy for the past season, you will get a better deal and save money on clothes. Sure, it may seem strange to buy a sweater when the cold passes and shorts after the summer has passed, but it will save you a lot of money. And, you can always use them the next season.

Use cashback and coupons apps

Use cashback and coupons apps

Use coupons and cashback apps to save money on clothes shopping. CashKaro is one of the best coupons and cashback mobile apps that can help you save money on all your online shopping. It is available on Android and iOS and that allows you to search for discounts and coupons. It provides cashback on every purchase made through it on 1500+ partner sites that include almost all major online shopping platforms of India like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra. You can also search for coupons for your desired shopping platform, and get notified of special discounts on the app.

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Fashion trends come and go, in which people often prefer to buy trendy clothes. After the end of the trend, those clothes get locked in your wardrobe and are of no use. People stop wearing old trend clothes and tend to give them up. Spending money on trendy clothes that you don’t wear for a long time is just a waste of money. Instead of succumbing to quick fashion, only buy items that you enjoy and those that compliment your style.

Avoid factory outlets

You can save money on clothes by avoiding outlet stores. They often have a combination of clothing that doesn’t sell and items made specifically for outlets that are often of lower quality, so you’re only paying for the name. Prices 50% less than the suggested retail price are often fictitious, while clothing is only 50% of the actual value, and the “discount” price is the true price.

Say NO to ‘dry cleaning only’ clothes

Say NO to ‘dry cleaning only’ clothes (Image source: Freepik)

Some of the clothes come with dry clean only instructions; avoid such clothes. If you buy clothing that needs to be dry-cleaned, you will not only find the item expensive, but you will continue to pay for it after you buy it. Whenever you wear it, it will require dry cleaning, which is an added expense. Instead of dry-cleaning, buy clothes that look good and are easy to wash to save money on clothes.

Avoid flash sales

Flash sales don’t give you time to think. A flash sale is always positioned such that you don’t stop to think about your purchase; you see the amazing price, and only a few pieces are left to buy, which persuades you to buy. Flash sale sites entice you by promising great discounts on branded products. But in the excitement of flash sales, you don’t have time to think, and you’re unlikely to make a wise decision. So take your time while shopping and get quality products at the best deals to save money on clothes.

Get the cloth fixed

It may seem easy to donate or get rid of minor unfit clothes and buy new clothes. But it costs a lot of money. However, if you love a piece of clothing and have spent a lot of money on it, getting it repaired can keep your favourite clothes with you and save money on clothing. If the clothes do not fit, take them to the tailor and get them fixed. A small stitch can breathe new life into the cloth. Repairs are not free of cost, but they will cost less than buying a new one.

Sell old clothes

Sell old clothes (Image source: Freepik)

If you don’t wear any clothes, give them to the consignment store. These stores pay you a percentage of the proceeds by selling your clothes to someone who is interested. Selling your old clothes will keep your wardrobe light, and you will make a clear decision in buying your clothes, which will save money on your clothes.

Go for generic

If you’re buying clothes that you’ll primarily wear under other things, like basic tees or tank tops, avoid branded items. It won’t last long, and no one will notice it. To shop for these items, look for a basic or generic brand to save money and only spend on clothes that are worth it.

Buy uniforms at specialised stores

Uniforms for school and work might be expensive, but you can purchase them at a much-discounted price at retail channels and save money on clothes. Some speciality stores sell scrubs, school uniforms, and overalls at steep savings compared to the expense of purchasing them via your workplace or school.

Borrow clothes you’ll wear once

Borrow clothes you’ll wear once (Image source: Freepik)

Borrow clothes from a family member, friend, or rental clothing store if you only need to wear them once. You’ll save money on clothing, and it won’t take up storage space either.

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Skip expensive fitness apparel

Workout outfits are very expensive. You can use domestic brands like Shiv Naresh, Killer, Integrity in place of expensive brands like Puma, Adidas, etc. These outfits are also good quality and cost-effective compared to expensive brands, allowing you to save money on clothes. Check out less expensive brands for affordable fitness apparel.

Take care of your clothes

After buying clothes, it is very important to take care of them. By doing this, they last for a long time, and their shine remains intact. Keep in mind that “machine washable” does not necessarily mean “indestructible”. Wash your clothes regularly in cold water and dry them for longer periods if possible. Hand wash delicate items or clothing that might shrink. If you take care of your clothes, you will use them for a long time and save money on clothes.

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How to save money on clothes in India?

You can save money on clothes by following the tips and instructions given in the article and looking into discounts and offers.

What is a good rule to save money on clothes?

A good rule to save money on clothes is to take care of existing clothes and buy new ones wisely.

How can I save money on clothes with extra cashback?

You can save money on clothes with extra cashback by using India’s biggest coupon and cashback app CashKaro.

What is the best time to buy clothes at a massive discount?

The best time to buy clothes at a massive discount is during annual or semi-annual major sales.

How to save money on Clothes with coupons?

You can save money on clothes by browsing discount coupons of 1500+ shopping sites on the CashKaro app.

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