Shuttlecock Packs to Enjoy Badminton

Best Shuttlecock Packs

A good shuttlecock is as important as a sturdy badminton racquet. High quality shuttlecocks are more durable, have a better flight stability, and offer a better trajectory. They are available either in feather or are synthetic, made with nylon or plastic. The performance of shuttles can also vary depending upon the temperature and altitude. For example, in hot weather and higher grounds the speed of the shuttle will be higher as compared to cold weather and lower grounds. International badminton tournaments also factor in the shuttle speed for their games. But if you are just starting out or play badminton for fun, here are some best shuttles that can offer you an unmatched outdoor gaming experience.

Best Shuttlecock Packs

1. Yonex Mavis 200i

Made with a nylon skirt and synthetic cork, these Yonex shuttlecocks are a durable and one of the best options in shuttlecocks. The pack contains 6 shuttlecocks that offer a stable flight path under different environmental conditions, are durable, and offer you an uncompromising gaming session. This is a cost-effective choice for your practice sessions.

Flight Stability

These shuttlecocks are made with high quality material and are developed using the flight timing of feather shuttlecocks to offer you better precision and recovery.

Editor’s Choice

2. Senston Nylon LED Shuttlecock

This pack contains 6 badminton shuttlecocks made with high-grade nylon that offers durability. The cork head further balances the shuttle in the air and provides it stability and an impeccable flight path every time. These shuttlecocks are perfect to be used during both day and night and offer a perfect outdoor gaming experience.

Glow in the Dark

This pack of shuttlecocks comes with red, green and blue LED lights that can be turned on during the night.

Leading Contender

3. Yonex Mavis 350

This Yonex Mavis 350 pack of six shuttlecocks is exactly what a badminton lover needs. Each shuttlecock features a nylon skirt and a cork base that manage weight to ensure speed. It has a faster recovery time than an ordinary shuttlecock and can reach farther than most others, making the game even more exciting. The shuttlecock offers a stable trajectory and should be stored away from high temperatures with the cork side facing down for a longer life.

Near Feather Experience

This shuttlecocks are designed to perform just like feather shuttlecocks, which are known to be faster than regular ones.

Premium Choice

4. Steller Badminton Feather Shuttlecock

This cylindrical pack contains ten white feather shuttlecocks which can be easily pulled out one after the other. Each shuttlecock features a strong EVA based cork and strong yet light feathers for an excellent performance. This product is durable enough to be used multiple times and has an outstanding balance in the air.

Excellent Glide

The shuttlecock offers an impressive badminton playing experience as it glides perfectly with every hit.

Budget Buy
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