Making rotis or chapatis is an arduous and tedious task. Sometimes, housewives also need a break from the mundane task of making rotis for the family. They can use their spare time to sit back and enjoy family time with loved ones.

Roti makers speed up the process of making a meal and act as help around the kitchen. Long gone are the days of standing in front of the stove for hours on end.

These machines rely on pressure and heat. Place the dough on the maker and close the lid according to your preference. The pressure you choose to apply will determine the thickness and how fluffy the roti is.

Best Roti Makers in India That You Should Buy:

1.Jaipan Jumbo Roti Maker

This international home appliance brand has taken the Indian market by storm. Offering a grid, non-stick surface, the Jaipan roti maker really stands out. It is shock proof and consumes around 1000W of power.

The roti maker does not use excessive power and can even help save electricity. The roti maker can also be used to make khakhras and rolls.

Price: INR 2,2,75

2. Prestige Roti Maker

Prestige is known for its kitchen utensils and has outdone itself with this top-quality roti maker.

The prestige roti maker comes equipped with a temperature knob. Adjust the temperature according to your preference. New users usually take a few tries to learn to handle the temperature setting.

The demo CD that comes with the roti maker simplifies and explains every detail of the roti maker.

Price: INR 2,695

3. Bajaj

Bajaj, much like other leading brands in home appliances has ventured into roti makers also. The roti makers have been reviewed as highly effective and efficient.

It comes with a temperature adjustment knob to avoid overcooking. The CD included with the roti maker contains detailed instructions and explanations to help first time users.

Price: IN 2,390 (with 1-year warranty)

4. Everyday

Everyday Roti Makers surprised us the most. Proving that one shouldn’t underestimate the underdog; Everyday, despite not being a home appliance brand has produced perhaps the most popular roti maker in the market.

The roti maker is equipped with non-stick plates to minimise use of oil. The energy saving appliance uses a 900W intake. The product also features an indicator light.

Price: 2,195 (with a 2-year warranty)

5. Wonderchef

A brand endorsed by India’s leading chef, Sanjeev Kapoor, Wonderchef does not disappoint with their roti makers.

The great finishing and design make this among the best roti makers in the market. The cool handle lets you use the roti maker without the chance of hurting yourself. The roti maker is shock proof and contains automatic temperature control.

Price: INR 3,000 (1-year warranty included)


MOLO is still a rising brand name. These underdogs however, fight hard to provide a unique experience with their roti makers. The non-stick coated device can be used to make other food like chilas and omelettes as well.

The charcoal finish makes it an attractive roti maker you would not need to store away. The roti maker comes with a manual.

Price: INR 1990

7. Starvin

The Starvin roti maker offers a special feature. When you buy the roti maker you also get a dough maker. Talk about simplifying the process. The heavy-duty roti maker is shock proof and durable.

The food grade non-stick coating prevents your rotis from sticking to the tawa. The manual accompanying the roti maker explains the process of using the dough maker and the roti maker.

Price: INR 1500

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