10 Best Smart Electronic Gadgets in India: Buyers Guide (Updated List)

Electronic gadgets play a vital role in our life. There are a plethora of electronic products that we use in our daily lives, including a television, AC, mobile phones, laptops etc. With the evolution of technology and the introduction of IoT devices, the whole lot of electronics have now become smarter and connected to internet which we operate using voice controls and mobile apps. We have compiled a list of the top smart electronic gadgets that you should own in 2020.

10 Best Smart Electronics Gadgets in India (Updated List)

1. Smartphone


The most common and essential electronic gadget with which we spend most of our time is our mobile phone. They are no lnger the regular feature phones, they have become smarter and our go-to device for entertainment, gaming, photography, and more.

OnePlus 8T is one such smartphone that hits each chord right, whether it’s the flagship processor, cameras, display, battery life, or charging speeds. Moreover, it is one of the few smartphones to be 5G ready.

2. Smart TV

Smart TV

Televisions have become smarter with Android and other operating software coming in the play. You can stream online content directly on your TV using various built-in apps and OTT platforms via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. Now you have the freedom to watch your favourite movies, listen to your favourite music, and play games on your smart TV without using any other peripheral or console.

Mi TV 4X 43 is one of the most popular smart TVs available online. It offers 4K Ultra HD resolution with dual band Wi-Fi connectivity and runs Android TV 9 OS. It comes with Google Play Store that lets you download your favourite apps on your TV and double the fun and entertainment.

3. Smart Speaker

Smart Speaker

Smart speakers are the most multi-functional devices you can own. They are not only mere music players but can help control smart home devices too. They come with voice assistants that can answer your most ordinary or confusing questions.

Amazon Echo is one of the most popular smart speakers that can handle podcasts, music, news, or whatever tasks you use AI voice assistants for. It uses the Alexa assistant and app to control your smart home devices or answer your queries.

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4. Smart Wi-Fi Bulb

Smart Wi-Fi Bulb

Everything around us has become smart, even the LED-based bulbs that can be controlled by a smart hub or mobile app. Smart bulbs have become an essential in homes and are easier to setup and control. They offer you the right lighting and color hues for every mood.

Wipro Wi-Fi Smart Bulb fits into the standard bulb holders and connects to your Wi-Fi network using the mobile app to be controlled using a finger tap or voice assistants.

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5. Smartwatch


A must-have accessory for fitness enthusiasts or fashionistas, a smartwatch adds to your style while also tracking your activities, workout, monitors heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and more. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is one cool smart gadget that comes with advanced health monitoring and even offers features like playing music, quick reply to messages or answering calls.

6. Smart Plug

Smart Plug

Forgot to unplug your appliances this morning? It wouldn’t be the case if you had a smart plug at your home. It lets you control anything that can be plugged into the wall directly from your phone or through voice controls. Helea 10A Smart Plug allows you to control plugged devices through your phone, set schedules, and manage timers for daily routines. It can be operated using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice controls.

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7. Smart Door Lock

Smart Door Lock

Door locks have become smarter to offer more security to your home. The digital age has changed the way locks work. They can be unlocked using PINs, fingerprints, RFID cards, or even through mobile application. The app also allows you to check past unlocking record.

Lavna Digital Lock is one such smart door lock that can register up to 100 different fingerpirnts and unlocks within 0.4 seconds. It runs on battery and also supports external power through a USB cable.

8. Smart Security Camera

Smart Security Camera

Smart Security Cameras are one of the essential gadgets that you should own in order to keep an eye in and out of your house, especially if it has been broken into earlier. These nifty gadgets connect to your smartphone using a mobile app and send you intruder alerts on your phone, record videos, and let you talk to whoever is on the other side.

Mi Smart Security Camera offers a 360-degree vision with infrared night vision and AI powered motion detection. It features a 1080p lens that records Full HD videos and has a talkback feature that lets you talk to visitors using the camera mic and speaker.

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9. Wi-Fi Power Strip

Wi-Fi Power Strip

If you have a bunch of electronics that you plug into power strips, a smart Wi-Fi enabled power strip can come in handy. It gives you the freedom to turn off an individual connected electronic using your mobile phone. You can set schedules to turn ON or OFF any connected device for preset usage.

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10. Smart Bedside Lamp

Smart Bedside Lamp

Bedside lamps give you the required lighting for reading or having a sound sleep if you don’t like your room to be completely dark at night. However, a regular lamp lits at a fixed brightness level and you cannot adjust it. A smart bedside lamp lets you change the brightness settings and even colours to match every mood using the smartphone app and voice controls.

That concludes our list of top 10 smart electronic gadgets that you should own. These smart products will enhance your smart home experience and make your daily lives much more easier. We hope you will find these gadgets much more useful than we think and will bring them to your home for smart automation and a smarter lifestyle.

Top 10 Smart Electronics Gadgets in India: Full Comparison with Ratings

Best Smart Electronic GadgetsCategoryAvailable On
OnePlus 8T 5GSmartphoneAmazon
Mi TV 4X 43Smart TVFlipkart
Amazon Echo (3rd Gen)Smart SpeakerAmazon
Wipro W-Fi Smart Bulb 12WSmart BulbAmazon
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3Smart WatchAmazon
Helea 10A Wi-Fi Smart PlugSmart PlugAmazon
Lavna Digital Door LockSmart Door LockAmazon
Mi 360-Degree Wi-Fi Security CameraSmart Security CameraFlipkart
Smarteefi Power StripSmart Power StripAmazon
Mi Bedside Lamp 2Smart Bedside LampFlipkart

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Smart Electronic Gadgets (FAQs)

Q. What are some cool gadgets to buy?

A. Here are some of the coolest gadgets to buy:

  1. Smartphone
  2. True Wireless Earbuds
  3. Smart Watch
  4. Smart Bedside Lamp
  5. Bluetooth Speakers

A. Mobile phones are the most popular electronic gadgets that we spend our most time with.

Q. What are the different kinds of gadgets?

A. There are numerous gadgets that one can buy. Here are the different kinds of gadgets:

  1. Mobile Phones
  2. Gaming Consoles
  3. Headphones
  4. Tablets
  5. Wireless Speakers

Q. What are some smart home devices?

A. Here are some smart devices for smart home automation:

  1. Smart Speaker
  2. Smart Bulb
  3. Smart Plug
  4. Smart Security Camera
  5. Smart Door Lock

Q. Which smart electronic can be the coolest tech gift?

A. These smart electronic gadget turn out to be the coolest tech gifts:

  1. Smart Bedside Lamp
  2. Smart Plug
  3. Smart Power Strip

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