Best Sticky Notes for Desktop and Home Use

In a world overpowered by technology, sticky notes have proven to be a valuable piece of stationery even today. A square or rectangular piece of paper with temporary adhesive, sticky notes help you declutter your brain to be more productive in your everyday life. If you are one of those who keep forgetting their daily tasks at work or home, sticky notes are a great way to take quick notes. You can use sticky notes for desktop to create to-do lists, work design, and flowcharts right in front of you on your screens.

These items are a great way to keep tabs on daily reminders at home, to create checklists, and reminders on fridge, mirrors, study tables, and countertops. These easy-to-use stationery items are also instrumental in maximising learning when used to highlight important texts for revision, marking pages for reference and so on. We bring you a list of some of the best sticky notes for desktop and home use to help you stay well-organised.

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Best Sticky Notes for Desktop and Home Use

1. Post-it Super Sticky Notes for Desktop

Sticky Notes for Desktop
Post-It Sticky Notes

Create simple to-do lists and track your progress using these sticky notes by Post-It. These sticky notes are 3 x 3 inch in size and come in assorted neon colours. The paper used to create these sticky notes is sourced from certified responsibly managed forests. Make your messages and ideas stand out loud with these vibrantly coloured sticky notes that can be repositioned as per convenience.

These sticky notes for desktop and home use are made with strong, original adhesive. They have an extended staying power and ensure mess-free removal. You can use it as reminder notes on desktop, refrigerator, and living room boards.

What’s Good

  • Super sticky
  • Best sticky notes for desktop, laptop, and home use

2. COI Note Pad with Sticky Notes & Clip Holder

Sticky Notes with note pad
COI Sticky Notes

Focus on efficient planning and scheduling of your daily routine with the COI notepad with sticky notes for desktop. It is a diary style desk organiser with 3 sizes of sticky notes, a memo pad, a pen, and a sturdy clip holder. This sticky note pad has sticky notes of different sizes and colours – yellow sticky notes of approx. 4 x 3 inches, pink sticky notes of approx. 3 x 2 inches and small strips of size 2 x .5 inches.

The sticky note is made with high-quality paper and glue and can be stuck anywhere . This durable memo pad with sticky notes can be easily carried in your bag, kept on the work desks, or countertops to jot down reminder notes everyday. This sticky note pad comes in a spiral wire design, and makes for a great stationery gifting idea to those who like to keep things organised.

What’s Good

  • Sturdy clipper to hold loose sheets
  • Differently sized and coloured sticky notes

3. OFIXO Sticky Notes for Desktop

Sticky Notes
Ofixo Sticky Notes

Use these visual cues by OFIXO to put your thoughts in sync. It contains 400 sheets of multicoloured sticky notes. The exquisite paper making process ensures a smooth writing experience and zero penetration of ink on the other side. These sticky pads have lines to write straight and perfect when making a quick note. Additionally, it is a natural product made of 100% wood and is a non-toxic and odourless product.

This is a perfect budget buy if you are looking to boost your productivity by using sticky notes for desktop and home use.

What’s Good

  • Made of 100% wood
  • Affordable option

4. Pinzo Sticky Notes for Desktop

Sticky notes
Pinzo Sticky Notes

Create storyboards and flowcharts for better planning with Pinzo sticky note pads. This vibrant note pad contains different sizes of sticky notes and marker flags in a plastic case. Add or remove tasks on your office or home bulletin board with this sticky note assortment and stay organised.

This sticky note helps you stay organised with its multicoloured arrow flags, that can be used as sticky notes for desktop, home use, and as revision reminders on notebooks.

What’s Good

  • Arrow flags
  • Vibrantly coloured

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5. Kabeer Art Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes
Kabeer Art Sticky Notes

Create your to-do lists, jot down everything in your head from everyday chores, office deadlines, and even your daily expenses in these multifunctional sticky notes for desktop and home use by Kabeer Art. This memo pad includes an assortment of 220 sticky note pads segregated in 11 bright neon coloured pads, and 5 pads of index page marker pads. These sticky notes and index markers feature excellent repositionable adhesives and are attached on a binder board for easy organisation.

This is a great pick if you love colour coding for managing all your tasks. Also, the binder on these sticky notes makes writing a breeze.

What’s Good

  • Binder board
  • Assortment of sticky notes

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6. The Stationer Spiral Bound Sticky Notes

The Stationer Sticky Notes

These sticky notes by The Stationer are great for writing down small texts and marking your doubts and errors when studying and revising. These reminder notes for desktop are spiral bound and come in a pocket size. Vibrantly coloured with a kraft finish, these sticky notes are eco-friendly and bear removable adhesives for easy repositioning of the strips. These eye-catchy, neon tabs are great for colour coding and highlighting important points.

This pack of 2 sticky notes set is bound to take your planning and revision skills a notch up without much effort.

What’s Good

  • Colour coding
  • Pack of 2

7. Qatalitic Pocket Size Spiral Sticky Note

Sticky Note
Qatalitic Sticky Notes

These sticky notes by Qatalitic feature a stylish pocket size look. With multicoloured leaves in pink, orange, green, blue, and yellow, this set includes index tabs, and standard sticky notes for desktop, boards, and home use. You can use it to organise and plan events, make reminders, jot down quick notes during a meeting or phone call and a lot more. These are made with high quality paper and glue, and stay put on surfaces for long.

With its excellent adhesive and mess free removal, these work well as sticky notes for laptop, study table, fridge, and even mirrors.

What’s Good

  • Repositionable adhesive
  • Elegant look

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