10 Best Sticky Notes for Desktop and Home Use

While the world is overpowered by technology, sticky notes have proven to be a valuable piece of stationery even today. They are pieces of paper in a square, rectangular, or any other shape with temporary adhesive to jot down anything and stay organised. Sticky notes help you declutter your brain to be more productive in your everyday life and make it easy to remember things. You can use them on your desktop, wall, door, etc., to create to-do lists, work designs, write important pointers, and more. If you don’t want to miss out or forget things, it’s high time you start using sticky notes. To help you make a good choice, we bring you a list of some of the best sticky notes for desktop and home use that are good for everyone.

Our Top Picks

How Do We Choose the Best Sticky Notes for You?

If you are one of those, who keep forgetting their daily tasks at work or home, sticky notes will be your best friend. They are a great way to keep tabs on daily reminders at home or office, to create checklists, and reminders on fridges, mirrors, study tables, desks, and countertops. Being available in different colours, shapes, and sizes, you can also use them for creative works, decoration, etc. Also, they are affordable and can easily be picked on a budget of Rs 100 to Rs 500.

To better understand our selection, have a look at the factors that we took into consideration for making the list of the best options.

Paper Quality

First and foremost, we considered the quality of the paper while making the selection. It is crucial to have a good quality paper with a smooth texture for an easy writing experience. Also, having quality paper sticky notes ensures lesser or no ink impressions on the other sheets.

Shape and Colour

Sticky notes are a fun stationery item that comes in multiple colour options and shapes. To add something for everyone, we have picked various kinds of notes. On this list, you will find various colour notes in different shapes. This will help you pick any of the options as per your choice.

Adhesive Effectiveness

A good quality sticky note is one that has effective adhesive for long hours of sticking. All the options are carefully chosen to keep in mind their adhesive effectiveness. You can stick and re-stick these notes without worrying about falling again and again.

List of Top 10 Sticky Notes To Stay Organised

Post-it Super Sticky Notes

Post-It Sticky Notes
Post-It Sticky Notes

Create simple to-do lists and track your progress using these sticky notes by Post-It. These sticky notes are 3 x 3 inches in size and come in assorted neon colours. The paper used to create these sticky notes is sourced from certified, responsibly managed forests. Make your messages and ideas stand out loud with these vibrantly coloured sticky notes that can be repositioned as per convenience.

Prominent Features of the Post-it Super Sticky Notes: 

  • These sticky notes are square in shape and come in neon colours
  • Available in multiple sizes of sticky notes pack, from 5 to 72 pads
  • It is made with recyclable paper, which is safe for the environment
  • These are multi-use notes that can be stuck on doors, windows and walls


  • Super sticky
  • Attractive looking notes
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Different colour options


  • Smaller for big reminders

These sticky notes by Post-it are made with strong, original adhesive that extends its staying power and ensures mess-free removal. Available in bold, vivid colours, these sticky notes have a smooth surface for easy gliding of the pen. You can use these notes for your day-to-day reminders and re-stick them from one place to another.

Why We Picked the Post-it Super Sticky Notes?

COI Note Pad

COI Note Pad
COI Sticky Notes

Focus on efficient planning and scheduling of your daily routine with the COI notepad that contains sticky notes for the desktop. It is a diary-style desk organiser with 3 sizes of sticky notes, a memo pad, a pen, and a sturdy clip holder. This notepad has sticky notes of different sizes and colours, making it perfect for all kinds of reminders.

Prominent Features of the COI Note Pad: 

  • Features a sturdy clipper to hold loose sheets and keep them organised neatly
  • The notes have a good quality adhesive that ensures perfecting sticking without falling
  • Made of durable material, this notepad is long-lasting and perfect for everyday use
  • This notepad has a hard outer cover for protecting the papers and keeping them safe


  • Durable notepad
  • High-quality paper
  • Smooth paper texture
  • Pen holder available


  • Adhesive could be of better quality

Why We Picked the COI Note Pad?

The sticky note is made with high-quality paper and glue and can be stuck anywhere. This durable memo pad with sticky notes can be easily carried in your bag and kept on the work desks or countertops to jot down reminder notes every day. This sticky note pad comes in a spiral wire design and makes for a great stationery gifting idea for those who like to keep things organised.

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OFIXO Sticky Notes

OFIXO Sticky Notes
OFIXO Sticky Notes

Use these visual cues by OFIXO to put your thoughts in sync. It contains 400 sheets of multicoloured sticky notes. The exquisite paper-making process of these notes ensures a smooth writing experience and zero penetration of ink on the other side. Also, these notes have lines to write straight and perfect when making a quick note.

Prominent Features of the OFIXO Sticky Notes: 

  • Each pack of sticky notes come in a separate OPP sheet to keep to clean
  • There are 5 different colours, and it comes in a pack of 80 sheets of each colour
  • This is a budget-friendly pack of sticky notes and is easily available both online and offline
  • Adhesive of these sticky notes are good enough that ensures long hours of stickiness


  • Glue holds notes properly
  • Affordable option
  • Vibrant, eye-catchy colours
  • Premium page quality


  • No option to choose colours

Why We Picked the OFIXO Sticky Notes?

If you are looking to boost your productivity by using sticky notes for desktop and home use, OFIXO Sticky Notes is a great choice. These are quality notes that are designed to stick on different surfaces. The papers used in these notes are a natural product made of 100% wood and are non-toxic and odourless.

Pinzo Sticky Note Memo Pad

Pinzo Sticky Note Memo Pad
Pinzo Sticky Notes

Create storyboards and flowcharts for better planning with Pinzo sticky note pads. This vibrant notepad contains different sizes of sticky notes and marker flags in a plastic case. All of them are in vibrant colours that make them OFIXOeven from a distance. You can add or remove tasks on your office or home bulletin board with this sticky note assortment and stay organised.

Prominent Features of the Pinzo Sticky Note Memo Pad: 

  • The memo pad contains 4 sticky notes of two different colours and sizes
  • There are 8 marker flags of different colours, containing 200 strips of each colour
  • To prevent mixing, they are separated with plastic sections and come in separate cases
  • Being different in shapes and sizes, this memo pad is perfect for craftwork and projects


  • Arrow flags
  • Vibrantly coloured
  • Quality paper
  • Non-transparent paper


  • Expensive as compared to other alternatives
  • Sheets are not packed in separate OP bag

Why We Picked the Pinzo Sticky Note Memo Pad?

This sticky note by Pinzo helps you stay organised with its multicoloured arrow flags and sticky notes. The paper used in these notes is of high quality and has a smooth texture that does not leave an impression behind. With great adhesive, you can use these sticky notes for desktop, home use, and as revision reminders on notebooks.

Kabeer Art Sticky Notes

Kabeer Art Sticky Notes
Kabeer Art Sticky Notes

Create your to-do lists, jot down everything in your head from everyday chores, office deadlines, and even your daily expenses in these multifunctional sticky notes for desktop and home use by Kabeer Art. This memo pad includes an assortment of 250 sticky note pads segregated into 11 bright neon-coloured pads and 5 pads of index page marker pads. This is a great pick if you love colour coding for managing all your tasks.

Prominent Features of the Kabeer Art Sticky Notes: 

  • It has a good quality adhesive that does not cause damage when you remove them
  • Comes in bright neon colours that make these notes easily visible to everyone
  • The sticky notes are attached on a binder board to make it easy to attach to files
  • There are different sizes of sticky notes for different purposes and in different colours


  • Easy-to-use notes
  • Satisfactory quality
  • Value for money
  • Smooth to write on


  • The paper is a bit thin

Why We Picked the Kabeer Art Sticky Notes?

Kabeer Art Sticky Notes are high-quality notes that make it easy to jot down reminders. It also helps you mark pages and create sections with arrow tabs of different colours. These sticky notes and index markers feature excellent repositionable adhesives and are attached to a binder board for easy organisation. Also, the binder on these sticky notes makes writing a breeze.

The Stationer Spiral Bound Sticky Notes

The Stationer Spiral Bound Sticky Notes
The Stationer Sticky Notes

These sticky notes by The Stationer are great for writing down small texts and marking your doubts and errors when studying and revising. These reminder notes for desktops are spiral-bound and come in pocket size for easy carrying all around. Vibrantly coloured with a kraft finish, these sticky notes are eco-friendly and bear removable adhesives for easy repositioning of the strips.

Prominent Features of The Stationer Spiral Bound Sticky Notes: 

  • These eye-catchy, neon tabs are great for colour coding and highlighting important points
  • This pack is bound to take your planning and revision skills a notch up without much effort
  • It has a thick outer cover that keeps the papers protected from getting damaged or dirty
  • Contains 25 leaves of each sticky note and index flag in 5 different vibrant colours


  • Eco-friendly notes
  • Light-weight
  • Good quality adhesive
  • Multi-colour papers


  • It’s slightly small in size

Qatalitic Spiral Sticky Note Pad

Qatalitic Spiral Sticky Note Pad
Qatalitic Spiral Sticky Note Pad

These sticky notes by Qatalitic feature a stylish pocket-size look. With multicoloured leaves in pink, orange, green, blue, and yellow, this set includes index tabs and standard sticky notes for desktops, boards, and home use. You can use it to organise and plan events, make reminders, jot down quick notes during a meeting or phone call and a lot more.

Prominent Features of the Qatalitic Spiral Sticky Note Pad

  • These are made with high-quality paper and glue and stay put on surfaces for long
  • With mess-free removal, these notes work well for laptops, study tables, fridges, and even mirrors
  • Comes in bright and attention-capturing colours that enhance design thinking and visualisation
  • It has a thick outer layer of cardboard that protects the pages from wearing out or getting damaged


  • Repositionable adhesive
  • Elegant look
  • Easy to use the spiral book


  • No colour options for the selection

Merayo Sticky Notes Set

 MeRaYo Sticky Notes Set
Merayo Sticky Notes Set

From adding reminders to bookmarking important pages, sticky notes are a great way to stay organised. This note set by Merayo is convenient and practical, with multiple sizes and colour notes that can be used for creative work as well. All of these notes come packed in a strong, sturdy cover that keeps the pages protected and ensures long-term usage.

Prominent Features of the MeRaYo Sticky Notes Set: 

  • This sticky notes set contains ruled, dotted, and black sheets in multiple colours
  • Being packed in a notebook, these notes can fit into the purse and can be carried anywhere
  • These notes have a removable adhesive that makes it easy to take them off and reposition
  • The set has coloured index tabs that are PET waterproof and translucent in design


  • Does not damage paper
  • Bright neon colour options
  • Great packaging


  • They are more pricey than others

Wolpin Sticky Notes

Wolpin Sticky Notes
Wolpin Sticky Notes

If you are a student, teacher, book lover, and office worker who has a lot to write, then these Wolpin Sticky Notes are a perfect buy. It is a pack of 400 sheets that are bifurcated as 100 sheets of 4 colours each. Because of the different colours, it becomes easy to organise and categorise your notes. Also, its paper is of high-quality that and offers a better writing experience.

Prominent Features of the Wolpin Sticky Notes: 

  • Measuring 7.6 x 7.6 cm, these notes are of perfect size for everyday reminders
  • These notes have a good quality adhesive that ensures secure sticking to almost any surface
  • They have a smooth surface where the pen glides easily without leaving an impression on the back
  • The pack of multi-use sticky notes is light in weight, making it easy to carry them anywhere


  • Affordable
  • Beautiful colours
  • Quality paper
  • Does not fall off easily

Jewett Sticky Notes

Jewett 300 Sticky Notes
Jewett Sticky Notes

For those who are bored of regular rectangular sticky notes, these Jewett sticky notes are hard to miss. It is a pack of 300 sheets of 3 different shapes and colours. Heart, apple, flower, butterfly, and t-shirt are the shapes available and placing an order, you might get any three shapes randomly. These notes can be used for multiple purposes and are a great pick for making it fun to stay organised.

Prominent Features of the Jewett 300 Sticky Notes: 

  • They have a good quality adhesive that prevents them from falling and makes them stick longer
  • The paper is thick enough to ensure no ink impressions on the other side of the note
  • Available in 5 eye-catching neon colours and comes packed in a plastic translucent cover
  • Removal of these notes does not damage or tear off the paper and ensures easy reuse


  • Creative shapes
  • No residue left
  • Stick anywhere easily
  • Wide usage of sticky notes


  • Not too formal for office use

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Final Word

Sticky notes are versatile stationery products that may be used in a variety of ways. They can be used by students and professionals for remembering important details, reminding other people, and note-taking.

Apart from this, they are also instrumental in maximising learning when used to highlight important texts for revision, marking pages for reference and so on. While Post-it and Worison are our top choices for their excellent quality, great adhesive, and beautiful colours, let us know which ones are your favourite and going to be your next purchase.


Which brand of sticky notes is best?

In the Indian market, Post-it is considered to be the best brand for sticky notes. They started the sticky note craze and still stand out in the field for their quality offerings.

Do sticky notes stay on walls?

Yes. Sticky notes are meant to stick on different surfaces like walls, desktops, windows, doors, etc. They cling to any hard flat surface and do not leave any residue behind when removed.

How long can a sticky note stay on the wall?

In general, a good-quality sticky note will stay for a week or two on the wall.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

CashKaro reviews are meticulously created by a team of skilled researchers who love to evaluate the market and study different products. We test and compare different options on multiple factors to offer you the best selection options. For this blog of best sticky notes, we analysed products on the basis of their paper quality, shape, colour, paper thickness, price, packaging, etc. We hope you find this list helpful in making your shopping easier and fun.

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