Yes, babies soil their underwear quite often. And most newborns don’t like staying in wet or damp undergarments (which is understandable), meaning they start crying and create a fuss. To avoid changing your baby very often, the best way is to put them in diapers. Diapers will allow you to relax if your baby has only peed their pants because it will absorb the wetness and keep your baby comfortable for extended periods of time.

Here are the best diaper brands available on Firstcry.

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Huggies is the OG diaper brand that has existed from when even we were children. It has been in the market for 42 years and it is seen as India’s best diaper brand. Buy your pack for huggies using Firstcry Offers.


Himalaya is one of the best skincare brands with herbal products. With this being the case, there is no doubt that give only the best for your babies. Himalaya Pants will prevent rashes and will keep your little one comfortable for longer periods of time. Buy now using Firstcry Coupons.


This is another brand that has existed since time immemorial. It was founded 59 years ago and has been mommy’s favourite brand for their children for a long time. It is available in various types (pants, sticky) and in a multitude of sizes. Buy only the best for your newborn with Firstcry Coupon Codes.


Babyhug is known for both their disposable and their reusable cloth diapers. Both of them are of excellent quality and will make sure your baby stays moisture free for extended periods of time. Keep your baby comfortable and the environment clean with Babyhug cloth diapers.

Mee Mee

This is another brand that sells cloth diapers. The biggest advantage of cloth diapers is that it is reusable. The initial cost may seem like a lot, but in the long run, it will actually save you a lot of money. Buy durable Mee Mee cloth diapers with Firstcry Offers today.

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