No exam is impossible to crack in this world. All you need is to stay healthy, mentally and physically. Apricots are wonder fruits that can help you in many ways. These fruits are power houses of nutrients and compounds that can affect your body positively.

  • Apricot is very rich in fibres. This can have a direct positive effect on your heart, digestion and weight. The fibres ensure that your bad cholesterol levels are reduced. Apricots also have a lot of potassium in them which can balance electrolyte levels in our body. This can make heart muscles healthier.
  • The electrolyte levels, which are maintained by Potassium present in apricots, is essential for cell functioning and neurotransmission from brain to body and back.

So there you go! Eating apricots can directly affect electrolyte levels in your body which can make you healthier. High or low electrolyte levels are never healthy and apricots can ensure a balanced level. Grab a few apricots and start studying for your exams today!

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