Everyone dreams of owning a car, but your bank balance does not fulfil those desires. Let’s see the bright side here – a car requires maintenance and the car servicing bills burn a hole in the pocket. Additionally, you may not be in the financial position to buy the car that you desire to drive. Who says you need to own a car to drive it? Zoomcar is giving you the opportunity to own a car without actually buying it. That’s right! The NO-STRINGS attached policy is desirable.

The question is – How can you get a car from Zoomcar without buying it? Let’s find that out through this quick post.

Introducing ZAP Subscribe a Car Service

ZAP Subscribe a car service is here to fulfil your dream. When you subscribe a car from Zoomcar, you do not have to pay any down payment or servicing charges. The subscribers will gain access to free servicing and free insurance. It sounds like a dream come true, who are tired of commuting in the metro, bus or car pool.

You can drive your own car without buying it. Those road trips you dreamed of can become real now. ZAP subscribe allows you to drive the car for a tenure of 6-36 months. All you need to do is pay a minimal subscription cost. Additionally, you will be getting 24*7 road assistance.

How to Subscribe a Car Through ZAP?

The process is fairly simple. Head to CashKaro and checkout the latest Zoomcar coupons then visit their website. Select your city and pick the car that is available in your vicinity. Zoomcar offers 20+ cars for subscription.

Pay and book the car that you want to own for the next 6-36 months. Next step? The car will be delivered to you at your doorstep. The cars that are included in the ‘subscribe a car’ list are Mahindra Scorpio, Nexon AT, Tata Nexon, Creta Veteran, HEXA, Verna, and many more.

What are you waiting for? Pick the car you want to drive and fill your calendar with road trip plans!

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