A lot of us like to take care of our nails. For some, even if they aren’t too obsessive over their looks and makeup, many like to make sure their nails are presentable. Now, this doesn’t include just keeping your nails trimmed and putting some nail polish on. There’s a lot more than goes into taking care of your nails.

Let’s take a look at some products that will help you on your quest to perfect nails.

Nail Brush

Have you noticed how a lot of people have tons of dirt piled up under their nails? Well, that just won’t do. Using a nail brush will make sure all the dead cells from your nails are removed, keeping your whole hands soft. Buy it now on the shoppers stop sale!

What to buy: BASICARE – Plastic Nail Brush – Double

Nail Buffer

Nail Buffers are used to make your nails naturally shiny and buff. This buffer can also double as a filer to round out those rough edges. Buffing also helps in increasing the blood circulation in your nails, so buy it now using Shoppers Stop coupons.

What to buy: BASICARE – 4 Way Nail Buffer

Cuticle Oil

Having moisturised cuticles is extremely important to proper nail care. It is used to protect your nails from dryness and damage. Make sure to use it in moderation. Buy yours now using Shoppers Stop offers.

What to buy: COLORBAR – Flower Shot Nail and Cuticle Oil – 9 ml


If you’re particular about the shape of your nails, then you’ve got to have a filer on hand. This will get the parts a buffer can’t reach and make sure to give you the perfect shape of nails that you want. Made of glass, it is easy to clean and will be durable for years. Get yours with Shoppers Stop coupon codes.

What to buy: COLORBAR – Colorbar Well In Shape Glass Filer – 1 Pc

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