Here Are All The Baby Proofing Products You Need To Keep Your Home Safe

Babies can be a handful, that is for certain. And go to places they’re not supposed to and eat things that aren’t safe. For this reason, it’s essential to have a baby proofed house ensuring that your baby is safe at all times.

Check out these products from Firstcry to baby proof your house with.

TigerEye Advanced Baby Monitor With Cry Sensor & Movement Alerts

A baby monitor is one of the first things you’ll need when you bring your baby home. This is most essential if you plan to have a nursery. Set the camera up so that you can always monitor and see what your baby is doing. This particular brand has cool features that will alert you at the slightest sound or commotion. Buy it now using Firstcry coupon codes.

Safe-O-Kid 1 Cabinet Lock Child Safety Latch, Baby Proofing

As your baby starts crawling and exploring, you’ll need to start with the intense baby proofing. This includes having unopenable latches to your cabinets and doors. This will ensure that your baby doesn’t slam or squish their fingers in the gaps. Use CashKaro’s Firstcry coupons to buy your set now!

Farlin Safety Guard For Electric Socket

Electricity and People do not mix. As we all know, babies have an affiliation for doing things that they’re not supposed to and one of these is figuring out what electric sockets are. Get guards in place before you baby can even reach them. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Buy it now with Firstcry discount coupons and save on your purchases.

Chicco Corner Covers

Sharp furniture edges hurt big time for even adults, so imagine you’re a tiny tot and you smack you head against one. Not fun. It’s best to have protective casing even in places you think your baby can’t reach, because chances are, they can. Get this Chicco corner cover with Firstcry offers.

Walk Through Safety Gate With Magnetic Lock

The safety gates are usually put on the two entrances to staircases. So if you live in a place with stairs, make sure you secure it properly for you baby and make it a safe living space for them. This gate has magnetic locks which you baby won’t be able to figure out. Buy it now using Firstcry coupon codes from CashKaro and receive cashback on your account.

You can find a lot more Firstcry coupons and Firstcry offers on CashKaro. Head to our website to explore them all!

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